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  • Accept Responsibility for Your Life

    It is impossible to feel fulfilled when you make others responsible for your inward life.  Here’s the problem with blaming others, circumstances, the stars, your parents… it makes you a victim, which
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  • Train Yourself to Notice the Good

    “Our life is what our thoughts make it.” – Marcus Aurelius

    Shawn Achor writes about the Tetris effect in the Happiness Advantage, so named because people who play Tetris
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  • Embrace Change

    “Change is the law of life. ” ~ John F. Kennedy

    I don’t want to burst your bubble, but most of the things you value at this moment will change
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  • Live in the Present Moment

    Living in the past or future is a dangerous game because our minds are terrible at it.  Whenever we live in the past or the future our brains

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  • Prioritize Simplicity

    “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius

    If you understand the feelings you need to live a quality life then there are many different and
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  • Dont’ Spend Time on Crappy Stuff

    “Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.” ~ Steve Jobs

    Many people spend their time on the wrong stuff and the wrong people, waste
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  • Get Rid of Entitlement Thinking

    “Happiness consists in activity; such is the constitution of our nature; it is a running stream, and not a stagnant pool.” – Anonymous

    The world does not work for those
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  • Accept Imperfection

    You’re not perfect, sport. And let me save you the suspense. This girl you met, she isn’t perfect either” and so goes the wisest line in Good Will Hunting, wise
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  • Practice Forgiveness

    “I’ll never forgive him/her!”  It sounds empowering when you say it and may even make you feel in control and tough or maybe you feel that you somehow need to
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  • Give and Make the World Better

    Ultimately, life is is about giving and connecting to a purpose greater than yourself.   Giving allows you to see beyond a self-driven world and access a higher level of

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