Truly happy people know how to ride out the storms and use these lessons to improve all aspects of their lives.  No one has ever gained anything significant in life without pain.  It is your choice to either overcome your hurdles in life or be stopped by them.

Don’t withdraw from failure; be emboldened because failure has made you stronger and more knowledgeable.  Failure only becomes true failure if you think of it as such. Adversity will raise you to a higher plane if you seize the opportunity it brings to you.  The essence of recovery is accepting responsibility for your own success and failure.  Propel yourself past the trap of self-pity by starting immediately back on the road to success.

Get perspective. Know that you live in better circumstances than 99.9% of all the people who came before you.Re-adjust your mindset.  Don’t think about the possibility of failure; focus on how your ultimate success will feel. Refocus on what you want, why you want it and don’t let circumstance dissuade you.  Challenges are tests.  All great men and women experience rejection and failure on the path to success.

Failure reminds us to be humble, increases our objectivity and makes us tougher.  It defines, motivates and is the basic building block of success. Your perceived failure will matter little a year from now and will likely be the very thing that motivates you toward ultimate success. Do not allow failure and critics to influence your view of yourself. Instead hold steadfast and in time they will change their opinion of you.

Your ultimate success will relegate your current fear to a moment of life courage.

You are a success.  You will persevere.  You will win.