29 Thoughts to Empower Your Day

I create my own life.

I will not allow thought, person or event affect my internal well-being.

I will smile often, enjoy every moment of life, laugh at the world and be the most positive person I meet today.

I stand on nature's greenest pastures and accept my flaws unconditionally.

I have everything I need.  I envy and covet no other's life.

I am confident and comfortable in my own skin.

I will manage my emotions, feelings, moods and thoughts and not let the whim of emotion dictate my internal well-being.

If I wake with self-doubt, I will replace my negative thoughts and emotions with enthusiasm and faith in life.

I will live this day in the present moment, unburdened by thoughts of future worries or past failings.

I will accept the grace and gifts of life‘s moments.

I will be tested today. Something bad will happen today. Problems will arrive. People will disappoint me. I am prepared.

I will learn and grow from my personal challenges and I will overcome.

I will love greatly today and practice forgiveness, first for myself, and then for others.

I will not judge.

I will stop struggling against life.

I will live today with purpose and balance.

If I give up to it, providence will guide me toward success.

I will assert myself and honor my principles and integrity.

I know that self-discipline is self-love. I will make and keep self-promises.

I know that good habits, not immature want, bring freedom and fulfillment.

I will act now; plans and ideas are nothing without action.

I will commit and not let my mind question or wander until it is done.

I will persist. I will get it done. I will succeed.

I will respect my money by paying myself first and not spending frivolously.

I will respect my body by exercising, drinking water and not overindulging.

I will have faith.

I know that though the path may not be apparent to the human eye, divine providence will guide me effortlessly toward fulfillment.

I will seek guidance to make me better than yesterday.

I will leave this world, in every way, a better place for my having served here.

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